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  This site attempts to depict the daily cultural life of China through pictures and some accompanying descriptions.  The news media is filled with reports about the big "Glitz" cities in China but there are 900,000,000 people outside these cities doing something.   It also has sections for Chinese students studying English.

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What is that above???  That's Sprout at the top of the Birds Nest, the main stadium in Beijing for the 2008 Olympics.  Creative and daring Sprout got herself a Yellow hard hat and into the Birds Nest to take pictures.  She did a good job and got an article and picture published in BJHome magazine (October issue).   If you put your mind to something you can get it done.  What's the chances of a girl sneaking into the main Olympic stadium and taking pictures?  Not very good if you don't try but they're very good if you try.  Sprouts article is here: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/21310150/

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Kaifeng Temple

Below: Tongliao, Mongolia!!!  That's a sea of salesgirls not a sea of grasslands with sheep and cows.  A 12 lane main street (8 vehicle 4 bicycle)???  What's going on here?

Below: Mongolia on Motoche, see Pictures.  Those are his cows and my motoche.

Temple in Kaifeng, Henan 

Wu Lung mountains in Henan

Mausoleum at Lin LI xian, Changde diqu, Hunan province.

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